Airport Management Training

air hostess / cabin crew training

Airport Management Course

If you love the aviation industry, an airport management course can give you an easy entry to the airport. From airport scheduling to security procedures to the laws of aviation field, the management program will train you for all. By enrolling for an airport management program by TNC Aviation, a student will learn the know-how of the functions and procedures that happen at the airport. Up on completion of this program, a student will be able to evaluate the factors that may cause flight delays, the important aspects of airport security, and will also get familiarity with the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Cabin Crew Training

If you love the glam world, you wish to fly high, and at the same time win the world with a smile, then cabin crew is the department of aviation that welcomes you whole-heartedly. However, the job of air hostess is more responsible and includes taking care of passengers, their hospitality, and safety.

Joining the air hostess training program at TNC Aviation will give the aspirants an opportunity to learn the professionalism of the department, which includes:

  • Managing interaction with the passengers in different scenarios
  • Recall the emergence and safety procedures, when required
  • Understanding the plane type and the cabin crew functions

Ground Staff Training

On daily basis, airlines witness thousands of passengers. The staff on the airport that helps in managing the flights and passengers is the ground staff. This professional course covers up theoretical and practical know how to deal with scenarios, different questions by the passengers, and how the day to day tasks should be handled. This includes personality development, aviation operations/principles, flight scheduling, Cargo and DGR, resource management, and much more.

Certificate in Aviation Course

Training is considered complete when there is a certificate of approval by the trainer. At TNC Aviation, we offer certificate in aviation course to all the students on their training completion. Our major fields of training for certification are cabin crew/ ground staff/ airport management and have helped our students to get placed at reputed airlines in India.

Also, if you have dreams to fly an aircraft, we also provide training for Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Training for Type Ratings, and much more. If you have the zeal, we will let you fly, high.


Course duration is 6 months.

Minimum Eligibility

Minimum eligibility:

  • Minimum 12th Pass

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