Multi Engine Rating

Multi Engine Rating

A multi engine rating is a qualification, required to fly an aircraft with more than one engine. It can be considered as an add-on for a pilot so that an improved aircraft performance can be experienced, which includes power, rate of climb, speed. The management of an aircraft with multiple engines is both a rewarding and beautiful job.

  • The multi-engine rating is a badge of extension to the quality of a pilot who already has single-engine land private/commercial/ATP certification.
  • For this specialised rating, the IFR and VFR ratings operations are given strong attention.
  • For multi engine rating, time is not a deciding factor and rather an instructor endorsement for flight and ground training would be required before taking the check ride.
  • To be qualified as a multi engine rating pilot, an oral exam and practical check ride has to be completed. No written test required.

To get multi engine rating, a minimum of private pilot rating certificate is required. However, it is recommended to have commercial pilot license and instrument rating first as this will help to save a lot of money while training and would prove to be more sensible decision in learning stage also.


  • The pilot needs proof of citizenship, which could be a passport, birth certificate, or a TSA approval.
  • The pilot must be a single engine certified pilot already.
  • The pilot must have current FAA medical certificate.

Course Details

When you join TNC Aviation for Multi Engine training, the course module includes:

  • Teaching the aerodynamic differences between an aircraft that has single engine and aircraft that has more than one engine. This includes providing information in order to pass requirements for a multi-engine check ride.
  • Training is free and depends on each individual pilot. Most pilots require at least 10 hours of flight training in order to achieve flying proficient results. At TNC, we ensure that the best practical knowledge is given to our trainees to ensure they succeed at every level.
  • Our course is comprehensive emphasizing both course theory and practical application on the individual level.

The time taken to complete the training for multi-engine rating depends upon the schedule and learning potential of a student. If a student marks his attendance often and can efficiently grasp the lessons, it is possible to complete the training very quick. If everything goes smooth and good time investment is done by the student, it is possible to complete training in two weeks (average time). So, if you want to be certified in this course by best trainers then, contact to TNC Aviation without any delay!

Aircraft Type:

  • Piper Seneca PA-34 or
  • Diamond Twin Star DA-42

Course Hours:

  • Actual Flight Time: 15 Hours
  • Simulator Time: 10 Hours
  • Ground School: 25 Hours

Course Duration

Course duration is up to 15 days.

Course Eligibility

  • The candidate must have a valid Commercial Pilot License.

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