Pilot Leasing

An efficient pilot is one of the crucial part of airline industry. Now because the aviation arena is evolving and expanding, a lot of good opportunities are knocking the doors of professionals who want to or are already a part of this industry.

While the opportunities swirl around, sometimes, many of us find it difficult to grab it. Possibly, the wrong approach is being made or maybe you are trying your luck too hard. Reason could be any but when a new job is being looked out by a pilot, there are surely a lot of things to be considered beforehand.

We, at TNC Aviation offer the best of our services to the pilots in terms of job placement, which is called Pilot Leasing. To understand this service better, let’s discuss them:

  • Say, you own a Commercial License Pilot and is already working. You joined TNC Aviation for Type Rating certification and now want a better work opportunity (in terms of pay and airline facilities).
  • In such scenarios, we will help you out in the procedure to find a job that matches to your experience and keeps your satisfied as well.
  • Also, you can apply with us even if you are not a part of any TNC Aviation training program. If you have an experience of flying , we can help you out to find a job that fits to your expectations.

Things to Remember

  • A job is subject to the experience, qualification, skills, and the interview by the airline authority.
  • The candidate must have an minimum required experience for applying via TNC Aviation.
  • Our team shares the assistance to reach out the job opportunity; cracking the interview to get the job is the sole responsibility of the candidate.

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